Rebuild request for Harmony HHI8 to enviolo AUTOMATiQ

Customers who have a former enviolo automatic system or a Nuvinci Harmony HHI8 system, have the option to upgrade the system to the newest enviolo AUTOMATiQ.

Adding all the latest features like Bluetooth connectivity, App usage, start after stop, and getting a fresh warranty and service of your current system. 

This kit is for customers that have one of the following interfaces: 

  • Nuvinci cycling Harmony (1.0)
  • Nuvinci cycling Harmony HHI8 (2.0)
  • Nuvinci cycling Harmony HHI8 (2.0A)
  • enviolo Automatic (2.0A)

Look out for the connection to the motor, does the Y-cable has this end to connect to?


Alternative Integrated and Manual upgrades:

  • If you have an integrated system, shifting via ebike system (H|Sync, Automatic+), then you will need the following kit: Automatic+ to AUTOMATiQ
  • If you have a Manual system that you want to upgrade, then you will need the following kit: Manual to AUTOMATiQ


Request process:

For this rebuild kit in particular, we would like to ask you to fill in the form below. The enviolo-support team will then create the order for you and open a ticket so that you send back the old cable. The blue end-connector of this cable will be reused to create a new rebuild kit cable for the next person seeking an upgrade. 

The rebuild kit costs: €189.89 excl. Tax and shipping.
However, a €55 refund will be applied when we receive your old cable back. 

After that, the total price of the rebuild kit amounts to only €134.89

Rebuild kit request; Harmony/HHI8 to AUTOMATiQ