AUTOMATIQ hub Interface for City and Trekking (N380)

  • Product Description

      The new enviolo AUTOMATIQ interface. 

      • More powerful
      • Stoplight settings for easy start
      • Bluetooth connectivity
      • Future upgrade possibilities for controllers
      • Customise settings via the enviolo app


      Compatible with: 

      • AUT-OSS2-OE (hub encoder)
      • AUT-ISS-OE (sprocket encoder)
      • WIRE-AT3-400-OE (wire harness voor Bosh and CAN communication)
      • WIRE-AT3-600-OE (wire harness voor Bosh and CAN communication - long)
      • WIRE-AT3-DS-OE (wire harness open end for power connection)
  • Product Details

    • Variant: City/PURE-44T
    • SKU: AHI-PURE-44T-OE
    • Brand: enviolo
    • Collection: Automatic